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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Site?

Websites are defined as sites. Each plan has a limitation of sites that you can add. Site is your website that you would like to crawl. When your subscription is over, each site will be disabled, and you won't be able to change their status or any information. Moreover, the disabled site won't crawl.

What is Crawl Request?

Crawl Request is a fundamental request to start crawling process of a site. Each plan has a specific number of requests that can be performed in a day. User can request a crawl after 30 minutes after the previous request. This duration is fixed for all plans.

What is Schedule?

The schedule is a defined time to crawl a site. User can set a schedule to the site. These schedules will allow Crawly to crawl the site in the given schedule times. Schedule numbers vary on different plans.

What is Page Crawl?

"Page" is a basic website page that contains many links. Crawly only count the pages number and limit based on a plan, not a link or resource.

How Team System works?

A team is a group that allows users to work together. A user can create a team and share a site with the team with other users. Users can share their sites on a team, also view other shared sites.

Who counts as a team member?

Each user who is in a team counts as a team member. Each team member can view shared sites and other members. But only users who do have the right plan can share a site. Team members cannot modify or request a crawl on a site, the only site owner can operate it.
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